NoN’15 Presentations

G. D’Agostino “Introduction

G. Sansavini “Systemic risk in critical infrastructures”

D. Cellai, G. Bianconi “Multiplex networks with heterogeneous activities of the nodes”

M. Kivela et al. “Isomorphisms in Multilayer Networks”

Ruy Carvallo, Lubos Buzna, Richard Gibbens and Frank Kelly “Congestion control in charging of electric vehicles”

S. Shai, Dror Y. Kenett, Yoed N. Kenett, Miriam Faust, Simon Dobson and Shlomo Havlin.  “A critical tipping point in interconnected networks”

A. Hackett, Davide Cellai, Sergio Gomez, Alex Arenas and James Gleeson.  “Bond percolation on multiplex networks”

M. santarelli

A. Sen “Strategic Analysis and Design of Multilayer Networks with a New Model of Interdependency”

A. Scala “Power Grids, Renewable sources and Electric Markets”

R. Burkholz, Antonios Garas, Matt V Leduc, Ingo Scholtes and Frank Schweitzer. “Cascades on Multiplexes with Threshold Feedback”

S. Pramanik, M. Danisch, Q. Wang, J.L. Guillaume, B. Mitra  “Analyzing the Impact of Mentioning in Twitter

K. Zweig “Science-theore+c musings on the analysis of networks (of networks)” 

V. Zlatic, Sebastian M. Krause*, Michael M. Danziger “Avoidable colors percolation”

B. Sluban J. Smailovic, M. Jursic, Batiston I.. Mozetician “Sentiment Leaning of Influential Communities in Social Networks”

M.C. Brugnoli