NetONets 2018 will be the eigh-th edition of a  series of conferences. 2018 edition will be  a Satellite of the NetSci2018 conference in Paris – France .


Please navigate the website for previous editions of Netonets and other related events.

This year the conference will be particularly rich due to the keynote speeches by the pioneers of the interacting networks discipline.

Raissa D’Souza, Irena Vodenska, Yamir Moreno, and Guido Caldarelli, will present their activity in the field.

As a variation with the previous year we have been allowed only a half-day scheduling time. However some contributed presentation will also be accepted. The call for papers  are now closed.

Beside presentation of novel results also provocative or problem posing speeches are welcome. In case you want to rise a problem or solicit a debate, your abstract should clearly explain the general contest, the subject and the impact of possible solutions on science, societal life or our scientific knowledge.