A second Money for Europe?

Euro is done, let’s make Ropa

Several people in Europe believe that Euro is not enough a fundament to build up a real European Community. This is a very relevant problem that every person in Europe is possibly thinking about. However it is not the subject of this provocation.

Here we propose an idea to improve economy in Europe.
The basic idea is to provide Europe with a second communitarian money named “Ropa”.
The final recipe needs assessment, but let us state some ingredients:
1) A new coin is introduced with a wider circulation including new countries:
Serbija, Slovenia, Solland, Hungary, Chek Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romenia, Kroatia, etc I will refer to this countries as group B Member States or “Newbies”.
2) This new money will be referred to as “Ropa” to complete Europa, that is Europe in its latin spelling. The idea is to virtually complete Europa= Euro+Ropa.
3) Ropa will freely circulate in the euro area + Newbies’ territories. This wide area will be referred to “Ropa-land” or “Ropia”.
4) Member States belonging to Euro-land will have the opportunity to print euro and ropas according to TWO different, yet COORDINATED central banks. The ratio Euro/Ropa of the totally emitted money (that depends on the money change!) will be agreed by the Euromembers with the ECB or BCE according to international agreements.
The central bank for ropa will be referred to GEB (General European Bank) BGE (Banca generale europea – Bank general europenne – Banco generale europeo etc)
5) Newbies will decide authonomously with GEB how much ropas to print.
6) At fixed time, named the R-day (the day of ropa), all newbies will adopt the ropa at given change rates. All the former (non Euro) moneys will be converted to ropas.
7) At a fixed time, named DD-day (day of the double money) Euroland members will start emitting Ropas. DD-day and R-day may not coincide. R-day > DD-day to work better.
8) At D-day the Euro/Ropa change should be 1 and expected to inflate very quickly, as Ropas are printed.
Ropa will be a very inflated money. By that means each Member State (in the wider area) could achieve any desired level of inflation, by leveraging on the ratio of Ropas/Euros printed.

We appreciated you participating our pool on Ropa

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